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Blinding Lights


“Blinding Lights,” the second single to The Weeknd’s fourth studio album After Hours, following the record’s lead single “Heartless,” which released two days prior on November 27, 2019. The track finds Abel in a constant state of distraction that he only gets relief from when in the presence of a significant other. The song is an up-tempo electropop track that features large 80s-inspired synths and electronic dance music drums, similar to the sonic direction of his third studio album, Starboy.The track was first announced on November 24, 2019 in the trailer for a Mercedes Benz advertisement. The full commercial debuted minutes after the song’s release and is heavily centered around it. In the ad, The Weeknd drives around in a Mercedes car as the track plays in the background.The song leaked on November 26, 2019, a few days before its official release. Abel acknowledged in a tweet, where he confirmed its official release:oh yah… and more new music tonight (in HQ😉)A music video for the track was released on January 21, 2020. The video is a continuation of the music video from “Heartless,” starting with Abel stopping his manic run through Las Vegas, which is where the video for “Heartless” ended. From there, Abel continues his tear through the city while under the influence of many substances, this time going to a strip club as well as driving a different luxury Mercedes Benz in the video.